A Fund to Accelerate Impact

GovTech Scale brings together the top leaders, thinkers, and doers in U.S. GovTech to help the next generation of start-up founders & CEOs

GovTech as a Market

GovTech companies are simplifying, modernizing, and transforming the citizen experience and empowering the government workforce to help better serve the people in communities across the United States. State and local governments will spend over $135 billion annually on information technology over the next few years. In addition, emerging technologies such as generative AI and IoT solutions will set the pace for meaningful, sustainable change over the next several years.

GovTech Funding Landscape

Funding for GovTech is on the rise! From Private Equity to Venture Capital to Philanthropy, the increase in interest and investment in GovTech continues to grow. If you are a start-up founder, join our community to get the list of the top investors in GovTech, which we will publish in early 2024.

Coming soon is our own seed stage fund focused on GovTech start-ups and funded by successful govtech CEOs, founders, private foundations, and others. Our investment thesis will be focused on modern Cloud, AI-native, and IoT GovTech start-ups serving the U.S. SLED market. If you are interested in being an investor, please email investor relations at [email protected].

Why Trust GovTech Scale?

We are experienced operators and change-makers who have founded and scaled dozens of GovTech companies over the last decade. We are mission-driven and deeply passionate about making a positive, lasting impact. Our mission is to support the next generation of GovTech leaders and the emerging technologies that will help positively impact people’s lives for generations. We believe the byproduct of this mission will be the creation of highly successful businesses that scale at an accelerated rate and deliver best-in-class returns for ALL stakeholders.

I am grateful to be part of a community of mission driven leaders digitally transforming government.

Julie – San Francisco, CA