GovTech Market Intro

The U.S. state and local government market is one of the largest markets in the world. The state and local government market has over $3 trillion in annual spending and more employees than the US federal government. It is also a market that is ready for digital transformation.


For the past decade, GovTech companies – specifically Cloud/SaaS companies – have partnered with state and local governments to digitally transform the citizen experience and empower the government workforce to help better serve the people in communities across the U.S. – like you and me. GovTech companies have been at the forefront of this transformation—building solutions with purpose.

The founders and CEOs of these companies – primarily start-ups – are mission driven with a vision of changing the world for the better. If that’s you, then this is your community. GovTech Scale brings together the top leaders, thinkers, and doers in GovTech. Join our community today.